Welcome to Pacific Coast Farming

Pacific Coast Farming is the premier Vineyard Management and Vineyard Development company in South San Luis Obispo County, based in the Edna Valley.

Vineyard Development and Management is far more than planting vines in the ground. It is seeing award-winning wines being produced from your crop.  It is seeing a proactive change in your practices that awards you the sustainable certification, SIP (Sustainability in Action), from the Vineyard Team.  It is knowing that your investment is in the best hands of a company with Viticulture experience that dates back to the first Edna Valley planting in 1973.

From 20 acres to 500 acres, we can work with you to develop the vineyard you always dreamed of. Whether you are interested in purchasing a new property, you already own land with vineyard potential, or you just need consulting on your existing property, the team at Pacific Coast Farming is prepared to supply your needs.

Current Vineyard Practices Taking Place
September 30, 2022
Harvest is in full swing! Crews, tractors, and trucks will be coming and going throughout the harvest season. Roads leading into the vineyard will be extremely busy. Please use caution when walking or driving near the area. Bird hazing will continue as well, with the use of noise makers during business hours only. Please be advised there is NO TRESPASSING on any vineyard property. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at cathe@pacificcoastfarming.com or call (805) 597-8700. Thank you, Pacific Coast Farming
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