Vineyard Management & Practices

At Pacific Coast Farming, every move we make is a sustainable one. We believe in taking action now to prepare and better our future within the grape-growing industry. 

Our management efforts are the foundation to each one of our vineyard practices: communication being the main component. We believe in efficiency beginning with our employees. Providing the opportunity to excel within a particular role or field demonstrates leadership, higher quality with production, and most importantly, pride in the work that has been achieved. Our success stems from the ability to hire the same people for our crews season after season. They have familarity with the specific sites, advanced knowledge of the tasks required, and ongoing relationships with the foremen and supervisors.

The combination of a diverse cool-climate terroir, a tireless management team, and the undivided support from local wineries has allowed Pacific Coast Farming to develop a region that makes the Edna Valley unique in the wine industry.